Illumifi Interactive is a full service interactive studio
who pride ourselves on quality cutting edge work.
We have a vast skill set and specialize in a few very popular technologies.

Our team specializes in developing mobile applications that are smooth, sexy, and easy. Wait are we talking about apps? Oh yes we are!

HTML5 pushes the limits of web development, allowing us to build a new class of experiences.

Using the latest PHP frameworks we deliver full-featured web applications and sites. WordPress? Yeah we slash that too!

Take a look at our elite skills!
Abercrombie & Fitch Brands
Who doesn't like cool clothes and a fresh, fun brand? Working with A&F was a great time. Oh and we did some sweet work there too!
Ohio Lottery:
Cash Explosion Television Show

This is one of those rare projects that pushes you to really do some of your greatest work. Using a large variety of skills, we were tasked with creating the software that runs the entire show! From creating the game board to the contestant displays and back to the control room where it was all connected via a local network with real-time communication between multiple devices all the while displaying HD quality graphics and smooth animations.

Looking to contract a ninja for a mission?